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Christmas time, therapy & wine!

All I want for Christmas.... is some therapy!

Christmas can be a time when repressed emotions, trauma and sadness rear their ugly heads and make you realise that all this "stuff" does need to be sorted...... one day.

Whether its your parents, your relationship, your work or just life, the festive season has a way of piling on the pressure to "be happy" cos its Christmas and if you are struggling with unhelpful thoughts then it can all feel a bit too much.

But when is the right time? Only you will know that; you may spend a good deal of time searching out self help, looking at counselling websites and googling "how to feel better" but one day you'll

pick up the phone and book an appointment and that is the right time for you.

Many of the clients I see tell me when I first speak to them that they never thought they would need counselling but it just got to the point where they couldn't see how else they were going to deal with what they are feeling.

I also hear the words " my problems are so minor compared with everything that is going on in the world." Not true, if it is troubling you then it is valid.

Doing "life" can be hard enough but when you throw in a dysfunctional childhood, a relationship breakdown or those condtions of worth we get placed on us... you know the ones.... "oh you're my easy child, that doesn't make a fuss" or " I can always rely on you"

then it can all feel so very difficult to deal with.

Talking it all through with a qualified counsellor can offer a release of that pressure. Life can feel better, you live better and problems seem more manageable.

So maybe this year you could ask Father Christmas for some therapy sessions? It might just be your Happiest New Year yet!

Kate Haskell MNCPS (Acc)

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